For you to fly higher, we go further.

We work with excellence for you to fly safely.

From design to manufacturing, everything is done with expertise.

Octans works in the development of aircraft projects with the objective of certification and globalization. In this sense, we continuously invest in process improvements, seeking a better development to present the result that the market expects.

We work to make our products distinct and offer the best experiences. That is our purpose. We exist to develop modern designs, robust aircraft and safe flights.

Everything we do is based on punctuality, innovation, human valorization and integrity. That is why we want to go beyond national borders and provide functional solutions.

A team that lives up to our challenges.

Extremely qualified and committed professionals in all areas.

In every detail, part and stage of the development and manufacturing process, we develop our work with excellence and continuous improvement.

To do this, Octans invests in skilled and trained people, and explores the use of new materials, modern equipment and advanced engineering departments. The result is the high degree of sophistication and safety of aircraft.

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