Our project is to make you win wings.

Octans seeks constant updating so that its aircraft meets the market requirements for each project.

160 ktas

High Speed Cruise

1.560 km



Total Seats

Amazing and innovative design, as modern as its technology.


The design of this new aircraft is being developed within the scope of the iBR2020 Program and is currently the main focus of Octans.

The main features of the 300A aircraft are:

  • Type: aircraft with high wing, without sum;
  • Occupancy: 5 seats, with possibility of conversion of the 5th seat in additional space for cargo;
  • Motorization: 300 HP piston;
  • Technology: state-of-the-art avionics;
  • Performance: cruising speed of 160 ktas;
  • Range: 1,560 km;
  • Comfort: air-conditioning;
  • Security: ballistic parachute;
  • Design: modern interior and high standard.

Comfort in the Cabin

Big and comfortable internal environment.

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